What's the Creepiest Thing Writer's Block Has Caused Someone to Do?

While plagiarism and alcohol are pretty lowly tactics for dealing with a bad case of writer's block, no one's quite handled their agony as morbidly as writer Dante Gabriel Rosetti.
A poet and a pre-Raphaelite painter, Rosetti truly loved his wife, Elizabeth.
("How much did he love his wife, you ask?")
Well, after she died of a laudanum overdose in 1862, he buried her with the only existing copy of his unpublished poems.
Seven years later, however, Rosetti found himself suffering from an extraordinary case of writer's block, so he dug up her body and retrieved his poems.
They were published in 1870 and were well received by the critics.
Rosetti, however, never quite recovered. The poet could never forgive himself for pilfering his own wife's grave.

Source: blogcritics.org